Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

If you are the owner of a professional food service establishment, such as a restaurant or a school or institution, kitchen cleanliness is a necessary and required part of your business. Not only do governmental sanitation requirements exist but also adherence to fire codes are an essential part of running your business. Whether you are running a business in Vienna, MD or Washington, Annapolis, or Sterling, you are in the local vicinity of our business, BN Enterprises-Commercial Kitchen Cleaning. We have been a vibrant part of the local business community since 1992. We are fully trained in all areas of professional commercial kitchen cleaning and fire prevention techniques. When you hire our service, you can be sure you'll have all cleaning and safety requirements complied with when we do the job.

Commercial kitchen cleaning requires a complete cleaning of everything in your kitchen area. At BN Enterprises-Commercial Kitchen Cleaning, complete commercial kitchen cleaning to us means disassembling and cleaning your range hood exhaust system, exchanging grease filters, giving the kitchen a thorough general cleaning, cleaning and providing ceiling restoration services, janitorial-cleaning as well as special cleaning tasks such as kosher kitchen cleaning. We thoroughly train and certify our technicians to meet our business' exacting requirements. Always hire kitchen cleaning companies that are fully certified and use code compliant techniques. Our thorough cleaning will leave your kitchen spotless, and your range working efficiently. A clean and efficient kitchen results in the stove cooking meals faster, thus increasing your business' productivity as well.

So, for your commercial kitchen cleaning, make sure you come to us. We are fully certified and have been doing a great job making the area's commercial kitchens clean for decades. Nothing beats experience and high standards. To get to know us better, visit Our estimates are free. So, either call for an appointment today or send in the estimate form online.