Exhaust Fan Cleaning

For professional kitchens, exhaust fan cleaning is one of the most important maintenance essentials that is needed. It's important that all the parts of your kitchen hood exhaust system are cleaned. Therefore, the unit must be taken apart and fully cleaned. If you run a commercial kitchen or foodservice operation in Sterling, VA or other local communities, at BN Enterprises-Commercial Kitchen Cleaning, we focus on the total cleaning of your exhaust system. Our standards in cleaning are high and exacting. We also don't cut corners when it comes to fire code compliance. Food preparation and restaurants that are around Sterling, VA, such as Washington, Glen Burnie, and Fairfax are local to our service, and we are happy to meet your commercial kitchen cleaning needs. Our technicians are all certified and experienced in meeting all code and sanitary requirements.

Complete kitchen exhaust fan cleaning begins by totally taking the unit apart and cleaning all the individual components. Many commercial cleaners focus on surface cleaning. While the unit might look clean, if the filters are still clogged with grease, you will have problems with both cleanliness as well fire code requirements. At BN Enterprises-Commercial Kitchen Cleaning, we are highly skilled and certified in the proper cleaning of commercial kitchens. We are thorough and make sure your exhaust system is spotless by photographing the finished unit to see if everything is clean. When you deal with us, you have the benefit of over two decades of experience in the field.

Make sure your commercial kitchen and exhaust fan cleaning are thoroughly completed by certified technicians such as ours. We are fire code compliant and our thorough cleaning services not only ensures that you're compliant with sanitation standards but also with fire code standards. Our estimates are free and our prices are reasonable. For more information as well as an online estimate contact form, visit us at www.bncleaning.com.