Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Owners of Fairfax, VA commercial kitchen businesses should know there is a nearby, local business that offers total kitchen cleaning including a detailed exhaust hood cleaning? The company is BN Enterprises-Commercial Kitchen Cleaning and we have been providing complete kitchen cleaning to the area surrounding Fairfax, VA including Washington, Herndon, Vienna, and Annapolis since 1992. We take pride in our company and hold ourselves to the highest standards. All our technicians are fully certified and trained to make sure the cleaning we do fits all cleanliness standards as well as fire code requirements.

Whether you are an institution, school, restaurant, or a Kosher-style restaurant, the professionals at BN Enterprises-Commercial Kitchen Cleaning will clean your facility impeccably. We care about the job we do and will verify we've done it thoroughly by using special photography to make sure we've cleaned the area or items to comply with not only official standards but our own standards as well. We specialize in complete kitchen cleaning and that includes ceiling cleaning/restoration, janitorial, grease filter exchanges, exhaust hood cleaning, and kitchen cleaning. We clean and restore your kitchen's cleanliness and fire code compliance to its highest state, and always leave a kitchen in a better state than when we first arrived.

We take exhaust hood cleaning very seriously. When the unit is properly cleaned, your efficiency and the time it takes to prepare dishes is greatly shortened. You can trust that each job we do is backed up by our experience, attention to detail, training, and credentials. We do great work and would like to have your business! For more information and a form to send in for our free estimate, visit us online.  The web address is www.bncleaning.com. If you prefer, give us a call. Our estimates are free and prices are affordable.