Hood Cleaning Service

If you run a commercial kitchen, you likely are aware that one of the most important services you will need to deal with is a range hood cleaning service. Business owners in the Glen Burnie, MD area won't have to puzzle themselves over who they should hire for this important service. The best company in the area, which is local to Glen Burnie, MD, Washington, Annapolis, and Bowie. It's BN Enterprises-Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service and we have 25 years of experience making sure the commercial kitchens in our community are spotless and in compliance with state code requirements.  With us, you can rest assured that our own internal standards are even higher than the state codes. We take each job very seriously and use our fine eye for detail to be sure that everything is taken care of properly.

When you hire a hood cleaning service, pay special attention to whether or not they are certified and fully trained to properly clean your hood. Some companies attempt to cut corners and to focus more on the surface than where it really counts. At BN Enterprises-Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service, we know that to properly clean a range hood, it must first be taken apart. Once that is done, each individual component must be thoroughly cleaned and grease filters must be exchanged. We do a thorough clean, check photographs to make sure the job has been done properly. We promise to leave your range hood in a much better condition than it was when we first arrived.

So, when you are looking for a hood cleaning service, find a company with exacting standards like us. In fact, in order to make sure you've found a company like that, give us a call. Our estimates are free and our pricing is competitive. Visit our website for more details on what we do and an online form to request a free estimate. It's at www.bncleaning.com.