Professional Kitchen Cleaning Service

Washington DC restaurateurs and food service professionals exist in a highly competitive atmosphere where any edge a competitor has can prove disastrous. If you are the owner of a commercial kitchen in Washington DC, Annapolis, Glen Burnie, or any other local city and are looking for an excellent professional kitchen cleaning service, you should contact us. We are BN Enterprises-Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service and we operate under some of the most rigorous standards in the business. We are thorough in following local and state government requirements. It also means that your professional commercial kitchen will be cleaned to comply with all regulations. Leaving greasy filters in a range hood is a recipe for disaster in the form of a kitchen fire. Proper fire code adherence requires specific procedures to cut the risk of this situation. Our technicians are all certified and we have a motto to leave your kitchen better off than when we arrived to clean. We will make sure you are operating in a clean and safe environment.

When looking for a professional kitchen cleaning service, always look for the certifications the business has. This shows that the business is willing and able to comply with state regulations. There are no shortcuts when it comes to cleaning a commercial kitchen. At BN Enterprises-Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service, cleaning just the surface of your range hood so that it will look clean while failing to take apart the unit and scrub all the individual components is something inferior cleaning companies do. That's just not the way we operate. We do things the right way every time. When you hire us to clean your kitchen, no corners will be cut.

So, call us right away for a free estimate. We offer affordable prices, prompt service, and courteous relations with our customers. We are skilled in all areas of professional kitchen cleaning service. Our estimates are free. For detailed information, visit us at